bruce storytellers

Run Al Run!

A stiff Vice President campaigns on his administration's legacy of unprecedented prosperity. Looks terrible on TV. Bows out, following a disputed vote count. Then, two terms later, with no incumbent in the race, he re-enters the fray. Promises to change the course of a disastrous war founded on lies. And charges to victory.

Al Gore? Could be, but, this was written about Tricky Dick Nixon.
bruce storytellers

Gulf of Tonkin II ?

Commander George W. is moving another aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf to intimidate Iran, Have you noticed that Bush keeps subtly and not so subtly mentioning the dangers of Iran? I think the rhetoric has changed and he is linking Iran more to the Iraq war and trying to combine them into one fight. Could we be manipulating Iran into an act of aggression or a perceived act of aggression? It has been done before in Vietnam, at the Gulf of Tonkin. I will be curious to see what W says about Iran tonight.

Perjury for Cheney? During the Libby pre-trial juror interviews, the defense attorneys have repeatedly asked what jurors would think if the sitting vice presidents testimony was in direct conflict with other witness testimony. I hope we got the goods on him.
bruce storytellers

641 and counting !

Happy Anniversary!!!

641 days ago the love of my life became my wife. Day 1, she was so beautiful on our weddding day. Day 641, incredibly she is even more beautiful. At this rate I can't wait for day 10,000.

A date tonight, Bronco game. She is a sports girl, so cool.

I am truly a lucky man.